Thursday, July 30, 2015

Some open survey links - I would love your input

With Facebook's new sharing policy, it has become increasingly difficult for me to collect survey responses from my Facebook followers, which is where most of my respondents used to come from.

So I am listing here on my Blog, which averages around a thousand hits a month, all my recent surveys that are still open because I do not yet have enough respondents and data to publish meaningful findings for them.

A lot of the findings and comments to date are interesting, so I just need to get enough additional respondents to be comfortable that the published findings are statistically relevant.

If you have a couple of minutes please fill out a couple of them, they are all very short.

Lights on or lights off? -

Wives, when in the your monthly cycle is sex best for you? -

Hubbies love breasts but we know very little about your intimate relationship with your breasts and what you experience, like and don't like when it comes to the role of your breasts in intimacy. Wives, please help educate us! -

Kissing after oral sex - do you or don't you?

As soon as I have enough respondents, usually over 100 but ideally 200, I promise to write blog posts to publish and share the findings.