Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Survey Results: When in her cycle is she most likely to orgasm

This post forms part of the #whatturnsheron series that I have been running on Twitter and FB. While much of that series has been based outside the bedroom, since that is where most of #whatturnsheron happens, there are also obviously physical factors that come into play that it is useful to be aware of.

The popular conception is that most wives are at their 'horniest', and thus also most orgasmic, at mid-cycle when they are ovulating, since that is when their hormones peak and they are biologically driven to want to be inseminated while they are at their most fertile. Our experience though has been different. 

We have found over the years that C is most responsive, and has her most intense orgasms, in the days immediately before and immediately after her period, so at the beginning and end of her cycle. Her interest in sex and the intensity of her response and orgasms definitely peaks on either side of her period.

I ran a survey a while back to ascertain whether this is a common occurrence and whether other wives and couples have also found this, or whether it is just a unique quirk of C's. As always, the survey responses indicate that there is no 'normal' situation, and that wives exhibit a wide range of what is 'normal' for them. Nonetheless, the survey responses are interesting in that they do indicate that the popular logic of ovulation being the time when sexual response peaks, while largely true, does not hold true for all wives who responded or is not the only time in he month when heir sexual interest peaks.

In the interests of scientific rigor I must note that the survey was not answered by as many people as I typically like, which is why I have taken a while to post the results, but have chosen to do so now anyway as the findings do show some interesting trends, and the post fits well with my #whatturnsheron series. If you have not yet answered the survey then please do so now and I will update the results and percentages as more responses come in. The link is https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QL37PRQ

50% of respondents indicated that there is definitely a time in their monthly cycle when they find it easier to orgasm, or are more likely to orgasm, or to have more intense orgasms or are more likely to be multi-orgasmic. 22% said that they did not believe that there were any differences across their cycle, and 28% were unsure.

44% indicated that this time of heightened arousal and response was mid cycle when they ovulate. 39% said they feel heightened arousal immediately after their period and 39% said this happens immediately before their period. 11% said they experienced heightened arousal during their period and 17% felt no discernible difference through their cycle.

39% feel that they can orgasm most easily, or most quickly, immediately after their period and 39% feel this occurs around ovulation. 28% orgasm quickest or most easily immediately before their period starts. 11% orgasm most easily during their period and 22% feel no discernible difference through their cycle.

33% experience their most intense orgasms immediately before their period starts, and 33% over ovulation. 28% have their most intense orgasms straight after their period finishes. In contrast to the 11% above, no respondents had their most intense orgasms during their period, and 28% felt no discernible difference through their cycle.

Interestingly, when it comes to being more likely to experience multiple orgasms, 18% said immediately after their period, 18% immediately before and 18% while ovulating. 59% said they see no discernible difference across their cycle, which is not unexpected as the percentage of women who are multi-orgasmic is quite small.

The final question explored how many couples have intercourse during her period. 50% said never, 28% rarely and 22% sometimes. None of the respondents said they do this regularly. This is quite surprising and is probably a result of the small sample that responded to the survey. Orgasms can relieve period pain through increasing blood flow, relaxing muscle cramps and releasing painkilling endorphins. I will update the finding here if this changes once more people complete the survey.

If nothing else, these results should give you some incentive for further experimentation as a couple to see if you can note a trend in when in her cycle your wife is most likely to be responsive, and likely to be more orgasmic.