Monday, August 20, 2012

Variety is the spice of life!

C and I have always had a fantastic intimate relationship (the child rearing years aside - subject of a future Blog post), but like many married couples, we slowly fell into the trap of allowing our lovemaking to become staid and predictable. We were still having plenty of sex, and knew exactly how to make each other orgasm, but we followed the same routine every time, and over time I began to feel bored and stifled. C was happy, with a 'if it ain't broke don't fix it approach', while I was starting to get increasingly frustrated. Luckily we do communicate on intimate issues, and to her eternal credit, C did take note of what I was saying. Although it wasn't a change she needed, she and a friend made a trip to a women only intimacy boutique (a big step for her at the time!), and she came home unannounced one day with a selection of sexy underwear, some couples toys and other nick nacks for us to play with. Also to her credit, although she is not a huge fan of foreplay, not really needing much, she has realized how much I love it, and has become much more amenable in recent years to spending time occasionally with toys, fingers and tongues before the main event. We have also got better at trying new positions (finding some new firm favorites in the process, and others what are just not worth the effort), and doing it outside the bedroom every now and then, all of which has added a new energy, excitement and level of satisfaction to our lovemaking.